Jennifer Skulski Sessions

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November 18, 2003 » Over The Hills and Through the Woods: Accessibility of Trails in the Outdoor Environment

Accessibility of the outdoor environment is one of the last frontiers in relation to defined accessibility standards. This session will focus on proposed rulemaking addressing accessible trails. An accessible trail is a trail that is accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. Accessible trails are identified as meeting minimum guidelines established by the U. S. Access Board. This session will focus on the rulemaking undertaken by the Access Board as well as the areas of debate within the outdoor recreation community.

May 16, 2006 » Creating Accessible Play Areas - State of the Science

Significant progress has been made over the past 5-10 years related to designing and manufacturing playground equipment that can be utilized by "ALL" children. Incorporating accessibility into a playground can be confusing and the absence of an enforceable standard contributes to this dilemma for schools, park districts and day care providers. Key issues include surfaces and creating accessible play components when designing both large and small systems. Many manufacturers state that their systems are "accessible" but determining whether or not they actually meet the spirit of the law as well as the guidelines issued by the U.S. Access Board can be a challenge. This session will explore the state of the science as it is currently being practiced by recreation professionals and manufacturers.
Director of Marketing & Special Projects
National Center on Accessibility, Indiana University

April 20, 2010 » Conducting Effective Accessibility Surveys Part II

This is the conclusion of the two-part series that explore the requirements to conduct accessibility surveys by business, government and educational institutions to ensure that they meet the requirements of the ADA. Topics to be covered in the 2nd session include examination/assessment of exterior facilities including but not limited to parking lots, trails, sidewalks, curb cuts, pedestrian rights of way, etc. Experts in the field will share their "lessons learned" and tricks of the trade.
President Of EastLake
Eastlake, Derry & Associates
Project Advisor
Rocky Mountain Regional Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center
Independent ADA Consultant
Director of Marketing and Special Products
National Center on Accessibility, Indiana University

April 19, 2011 » Are My Recreation Facilities Accessible? Where Do I start?

The 2010 ADA Standards include specific technical requirements for several recreation environments including amusement rides, boating facilities, fishing piers and platforms, golf courses, miniature golf, sports facilities, and swimming pools and spas. Bringing these facilities into compliance as well as ensuring that future programs and facilities are accessible is a challenge that many local and state government entities are facing. Privately owned and operated facilities are also under the gun to ensure that their facilities are accessible. Join us for this session as we explore best practices for approaching the assessment of our recreation facility and ensuring that recreation programs are accessible in light of the changing regulations as well as on-going obligations.
Director of Marketing and Special Products
National Center on Accessibility, Indiana University